Stainless steel plate surface brushed three effects

July 10, 2023
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There are three most common effects of stainless steel plate brushed surface, which are straight wire pattern, nylon pattern and snowflake pattern. These three effects are widely applicable, and can be used in a variety of occasions, such as stainless steel walls, elevator stainless steel decorative panels, home appliance panels and so on.


Stainless steel plate oil grinding and drawing


Among them, the straight wire pattern is manifested as an uninterrupted pattern from top to bottom, usually using a fixed wire drawing machine in stainless steel plate pieces before and after the movement on the line. The nylon pattern is composed by the length of the lines, because the nylon wheel texture is soft, so it can be used for grinding uneven parts, the formation of the nylon pattern effect. Snowflake pattern is a relatively high popularity of current one, the expression is formed by a little bit of specification point, and you can use the buggy sandpaper processing to achieve the effect. The drawing process in the application of stainless steel plate is very careful, and processing procedures and processing technology have the corresponding requirements. Usually need to do with the wire drawing process equipment to repair and restore processing out, in order to get a better final effect, that is, to ensure that the overall effect of the wire drawing to achieve the best.


Cylindrical stainless steel bar surface can usually be only on the lathe or grinder, only the surface treatment, you can use a special grinding tool clamped on the lathe with sandpaper and cloth polishing, if the processing accuracy and surface roughness have higher requirements, we have to grind on the grinding machine for polishing. If the surface is brushed, generally only on the raw material plate processing. The surface of the original plate to do a good job of snowflake or wire drawing and then made into a finished product processing (i.e., mold punching, deep drawing, etc.). Through the general processing methods, the finished product can retain the surface effect of the original board. Finally, we will talk about the oil straight drawing processing, refers to the oil grinding straight wire, that is, the first oil grinding after drawing, usually after oil grinding stainless steel plate surface appears to be more oily and bright followed by a layer of drawing, that is, a kind of sanding, but also the surface treatment, and now there is a whole volume of ink drawing, and ordinary drawing compared to the advantages of the oil grinding straight drawing texture is more clear, neatness, better, better gloss, the overall effect is better, and the surface effect is better. Gloss is also better, the overall effect of the performance is very good, etc., a large number of elevator decoration and other surface requirements of relatively high equipment.

stainless steel plate

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