Stainless steel plate molding and processing process need to pay attention to several aspects

July 14, 2023
Latest company news about Stainless steel plate molding and processing process need to pay attention to several aspects


Stainless steel plate forming and welding processing process, from the beginning to the end, there are many points of attention, do a good job in all aspects of the work, in order to ensure that the processing of good stainless steel plate has satisfactory results.


Stainless steel plate cutting and processing


Before processing, usually use the sample plate for scribing, using the sample plate to use the material that will not contaminate the surface of the stainless steel plate, such as galvanized iron or stainless steel plate and so on. Scribing should be operated on a clean board or platform, and the surface of the stainless steel material portion that will not be removed during processing is prohibited from being scribed or punched with a steel needle.


When discharging, transfer the stainless steel sheet material to a special site and discharging by plasma cutting or mechanical cutting. The use of plasma cutting method of discharging or opening of stainless steel sheet, such as after cutting also need to be welded, it is necessary to remove the oxides at the cut until the metal luster is revealed.


stainless steel sheet


Stainless steel plate cutting precautions


When the use of mechanical cutting methods, before the material to clean up the machine tool, and in order to prevent the surface of the stainless steel material scratches, the presser foot should also be wrapped in rubber and other soft materials. It is prohibited to cut the material directly on the stainless steel material stack. Cut stainless steel plate cut and edge can not appear cracks, indentations and cracks and so on. Cut stainless steel sheet material should be neatly stacked on the bottom shelf, convenient with the bottom shelf together with the lifting, between the plate should be padded with rubber, wood and other soft materials to prevent surface damage. Round steel and pipe can be undercut using a lathe, saw or wheel cutter and other methods. If you also want to weld, remove the wheel debris and burrs at the cut.


When discharging stainless steel plate, such as to walk on the stainless steel surface, the discharging person must wear shoe covers to work on the stainless steel plate. The front and back of the underfeeding stainless steel plate is wrapped with kraft paper. Before rolling the plate, the rolling machine should do a good job of mechanical cleaning. When the stainless steel plate parts to do mechanical processing, the coolant is usually used water-based to, chemical fluid if the processing of welded stainless steel plate parts used to make stainless steel pressure window, in the shell assembly process, the temporary need to use the wedge iron, pads and other utensils that will come into contact with the surface of the shell to choose and shell compatible stainless steel materials. In addition to prohibit the assembly of stainless steel pressure vessels, in the assembly process can not be used to easily produce iron ion contamination of the tools, in the assembly, must strictly control the stainless steel plate surface mechanical damage and splash. The opening of the vessel should use plasma or mechanical cutting method.


stainless steel sheet


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