Stainless steel plate surface brushed in several ways

July 28, 2023
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Stainless steel plate surface drawing processing methods are diverse, in practice, should be based on the effect of the requirements of different materials and surfaces and choose the appropriate processing methods. Wire drawing operation mainly has two kinds of manual and mechanical. One of the manual is mainly the use of industrial cleaning cloth processing, mechanical drawing is more common.


Stainless steel plate drawing


Mechanical drawing in the more common for the flat pressure belt drawing, non-woven roller brush drawing, wide belt drawing, centerless grinding drawing and so on. One of the flat type use more, that is, the stainless steel plate pieces fixed in the mold, so that the grinding belt high-speed operation, the back of the sand belt with pneumatic control of the eye can move up and down the pressure block, after the pressure of the sand belt applies to the surface of the stainless steel plate to do the wire drawing process. The equipment used is the flat pressure belt sander. This method is suitable for small area flat drawing surface, such as digital camera shell, cell phone shell drawing. The performance of the line is generally a continuous pattern of straight wire, because the use of abrasive belts, so the range of particle size is relatively wide, the line can be processed out of the coarse mine can be fine.


Nonwoven roller brush wire drawing processing method is the stainless steel plate pieces by the conveyor belt transmission by nonwoven roller brush, roller brush high-speed rotation to the stainless steel plate pieces on the surface of the wire drawing process. Drawing processing can choose the roller brush vibration and lift the brush does not vibrate two ways, and with different processing speeds in order to form the length of the line pattern is not the same as the nonwoven roller brush vibration, can form a very uniform and consistent discontinuous pattern, that is, short wire, nonwoven roller brush does not vibrate, can form a continuous pattern, that is, long wire or straight wire. This processing method is used in a large number of notebook panels, keyboard boards, etc.. The advantage of this method is that it can be suitable for large area drawing, drawing surface can be made into a certain curvature, can be more efficient continuous operation, and the visual feeling of the line pattern is very good.


stainless steel plate


Traditional stainless steel plate drawing process


Wide belt drawing method is the most traditional drawing process, mostly used in flat drawing, especially suitable for processing stainless steel plate. Sand belt rotating at high speed, stainless steel plate by the conveyor belt through the sand belt to do sanding drawing, generally stainless steel plate such as plate processing into wire drawing semi-finished products, to facilitate the further production into the plate as raw material products, such as stainless steel elevator drawing door panels, stainless steel counters, chassis and so on. The line pattern processed in this way is generally fine and short, that is, snowflake pattern. Centerless grinding wire drawing is the use of centerless grinding for wire drawing process, the use of abrasive products are non-woven wire drawing wheel or abrasive belts, more suitable for use in the round tube-shaped workpieces, such as handles and so on. The line pattern formed in this way is also generally a short wire pattern.


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