What are the advantages of water corrugated stainless steel that people like?

July 5, 2023
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Water-corrugated stainless steel, as the name suggests, is made of water ripples on the stainless steel material. Its reflection of light will be more delicate and gentle than mirror reflection, with both hardness and softness; stainless steel water corrugated board is a modern hotel, KTV, club ceiling. One of the mainstream styles of ceiling design, the colors are very rich, such as rose gold, champagne gold, sapphire blue, etc., which look fashionable.


In the decoration of commercial spaces, fire resistance will be higher, such as in sales offices, department stores, hotels, etc., using stainless steel water corrugated panels for decoration, which can meet the performance requirements of firmness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and color resistance; it can It is used in external walls and wet areas; facade curtain walls, toilets, water curtain beautification areas, and other places.


When the mirrored stainless steel water corrugated plate is used on the ceiling on the top surface, it makes the whole space brighter. The depth will change under different light or light, and it will sparkle, which greatly deepens the sense of spatial hierarchy. The reflected image is pleasing. Convey a visual effect similar to Impressionist paintings; the stainless steel water corrugated plate is easier to clean after non-fingerprint treatment, and free from frequent maintenance.


Water-corrugated stainless steel embossed plate has been popular in various decoration industries for a long time, it will not rust, and it is very beautiful. Acid and alkali resistance, high density, no bubbles, and small holes when polished. Various styles, durable, rich colors, strong three-dimensional effect, and also has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, and fire prevention. The water corrugated stainless steel plate also has the stable properties of ordinary stainless steel plates, and will not change its properties due to moisture in the air.


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